[AU-016] Weave Woes to Wows!

Weaves, weaves and more weaves! Get that little boost to finish your weave pole training or fix a problem with entries, speed or popping. This class is just in time for you to head into the summer trial season with awesome weaves. With a few weeks of concentrated effort, you can have true confidence in your dog’s weave pole performance whatever level your dog is working!

We are opening the classroom on March 22, but you can register and begin your 5 weeks at any point after that!

This 5-week course focuses on weaves, weaves and more weaves! It is specifically intended to help handlers complete their dog’s weave pole training or correct common problems like weave entry misses, slow weaving, or popping out early. The focus will move from entries to exits to proficiency on 12 poles as the course progresses. Dogs do not have to be weaving completely or perfectly but should have the ability to at least work 12 poles, which can be with almost closed channel or weave-a-matic poles. The drills are intended to be done in short 5- or 10-minute training sessions, twice a day. My expectation is that drills should be done 3-4 times per week. A high degree of variation is required so drills are often done once or twice and then the handler immediately moves on to the next exercise. This keeps it fun and interesting for you and your dog! Perfection is not required for each drill. For weave skills, you must introduce, train, and then proof for total understanding. So, each of these (introduce, train, proof) is applied within the drills for each week and often within each drill. My goal is for weave pole training to be easy and fun!

Additional Course Details

  • Faculty:
    • Diane Goodspeed
  • Dates:
    • Course starts on Sunday, March 22, 2020.
    • Registration closes: June 2, 2020.
    • Course material access never expires.
  • Level:
    • Open to All
  • Course Structure:
    • This is a 5 week course that will introduce different weave pole skills and drills each week. There is a short description of the week’s goal, skill being built, and then the actual drill layout and activity. Many of the drills have a progression/variation chart to challenge you and your dog! We will focus on consistent weave pole performance from day 1 and then provide simple challenges and tests for true proficiency! We will also work on 12-pole proficiency and understanding. In addition to working on your dog’s understanding of weave pole performance, we will work on consistent body, hand and verbal commands from the handler! This is 5-weeks of weaves, weaves, and more weaves! In order to reduce wear-and-tear on the dog’s body and to allow the handler to do 2-3 sessions per day when training, we target specific behaviors in each exercise. You will frequently only need 2-3 or 6 poles. Working students can upload video once a week or for a few sessions in the week. Either way, you will find it very easy to film! In addition to course drills, I can and will post additional video and exercises for working students who run into specific issues or problems.
  • Equipment needed (working participants only):
    • 12 weave poles (any variety or type), two pieces of equipment (can be two jumps, tunnel and jump, tunnel and teeter, chute and jump, etc)
  • Space required (working participants only):
    • Area large enough for 3-4 obstacles (approx 45’ x 45’)

Course Information

Estimated Time: 5 weeks

Difficulty: Puppy


Course Instructor

Diane Goodspeed Diane Goodspeed Instructor
  • Enrollment in this course closed on 06/03/2020.