[AU-023] MaxPup Performance Puppy Foundations: Winter Puppy Camp (Supersized Edition)

Spend the winter teaching your pup incredible handling foundation skills, teamwork games and body awareness skills, with a series of progressive, puppy-specific games! You’ll get 50 fun games will teach wonderful foundations for all things agility-related that stimulate your puppy’s mind without overworking her growing body. Get your puppy ready for an amazing career by teaching phenomenal foundations!

This edition of MaxPup is one of our awesome hybrid classes: it is a traditional online class and has the option of participating in LIVE online classes too!

Want the flexibility of training on your own schedule and posting whenever you want? The online classroom is perfect!

Want more interaction and instant live feedback? Choose one of the LIVE options to supplement your learning! All live classes can be done indoors and at home! All you need is a good internet connection.

This class will give you an entire library of skills to take you through your pup’s entire handling foundation training!

These 50 games will show you how to get these started, how to build up these skills, and what the finished product looks like (and where to use it one course). Demo videos will include pups of all ages and sizes!

Join the MaxPup Handling Foundations: Winter Puppy Camp (Supersized Edition) to teach your puppy amazing foundation skills from the ground up! This class is perfect for puppies from 10 weeks old to one year old and features highly educational, low impact, super FUN games to get your pup off to a brilliant start.

You and your puppy will develop a great partnership while focusing on the following skills:

  • Getting connection as a team
  • Body Awareness Skills
  • Teamwork and Engagement Games
  • Independent commitment skills
  • Acceleration on a line and driving ahead
  • Start line stays
  • Countermotion
  • Tight turns
  • Soft turns
  • How to read crosses
    • Front
    • Blind
    • Rear
    • Cue Combos
  • Tunnel Entries and Exits
  • Tunnel Discriminations
  • Handler focus versus Line focus
  • Serpentine lines
  • Threadles!
  • Backside foundations (slice and wrap!)
  • Get Out lines
  • Teaching verbals
  • Value building

Every game will feature two levels:

  • How to get started on the flat with your puppy
  • How to progress the game through the next steps (including adding jump wings and/or a tunnel)

Additional Course Details

  • Faculty:
    • Tracy Sklenar
  • Dates:
    • Course starts on December 1, 2020 (online & live).
      • Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern: December 1, December 15, December 22, January 5, January 19, Feb 2, Feb 16.
      • (Additional Live Sessions might be added if there is enough interest)
    • Registration closes on December 30, 2020.
    • Course material access never expires.
  • Level:
    • Open to All
  • Course Structure:
    • This unique “hybrid” course combines the traditional elements of Agility U’s online program with an option for LIVE participation and in-the-moment feedback! Choose Your Adventure allows you to pick your level of participation:
      • [SOLD OUT] Working PLUS (Working spot in the online class PLUS the live classes)
      • Working Online (Working spot in the online class only, auditing the live classes)
      • Auditing (Auditing both the online and live classes)
    • ALL Participants will be able to audit any of the LIVE online classes as well as view the recordings of these sessions at any time.
    • The LIVE group class will be approximately 90 minutes long. We can add additional sessions if there is enough interest!
    • Each game will feature a downloadable video explanation and demo as well as a written description.
  • Equipment needed (working participants only):
    • Various household items for body awareness games. 1 jump upright (wingless), 2 jump wings (or cones or barrels), a jump bar, 1 tunnel (10 feet or longer) and tunnel bags. Pups will NOT be jumping.
  • Space required (working participants only):
    • All games can be played in small spaces, indoors, at home! All you need is a small, clear space and good footing!

Course Information

Estimated Time: 9 working weeks spread out over 12 weeks (7 live classes)

Difficulty: Open to All

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Course Instructor

Tracy Sklenar Tracy Sklenar Instructor
  • Enrollment in this course closed on 12/31/2020.

Let’s Get Started: User Guides And Class Overview


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