[AU-027] Fantastic Contacts: The Running Dog Walk

Get ready to train a fantastic running dog walk! Join Jordan to work through the progression that will take you from flatwork to a fantastic running dog walk! As a bonus, you will also get a running a-frame lesson.

Learn Jordan’s methods for teaching your dog a fantastic running dog walk! She will teach you how to get a fast, reliable, consistent and independent running dog walk (and a-frame) behavior with your dog!  This class is perfect for dogs learning the RDW for the first time, or re-training an existing contact behavior.

Additional Course Details

  • Faculty:
    • Jordan Biggs
  • Dates:
    • Course starts on January 20, 2021.
    • Registration closes on Saturday, February 27, 2021.
    • Course material access never expires.
  • Level:
    • All dogs 10 months and older.
  • Course Structure:
    • This course will consist of 6 lessons over the course of 12 weeks. You will get:
      • Downloadable written instructions for each lesson
      • Video demonstrations
      • Video review of your training (working participants)
      • Access to class chat
      • Access to Faculty Office Hours
  • Equipment needed (working participants only):
    • Tunnel, plank, Manners Minder (or similar), mat/box, dog walk, a-frame
  • Space required (working participants only):
    • Varies based on game but at least enough for full out running and also running through tunnels

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 lessons over 12 weeks

Difficulty: Open to All


Course Instructor

Jordan Biggs Jordan Biggs Instructor
  • Enrollment in this course closed on 02/28/2021.