[AU-034] Train Your Brain: Getting Into The Right ‘Head Space’ For Dog Sports

Hey humans! This program is all about YOU! Learn the 10-Step program and the “Magic Formula” for reducing anxiety, handling stress and increasing mental toughness so you can train and compete at your BEST!

Play some ‘head games’ with this amazing mental prep class! Let’s change your brain with this 10-Step program designed to get your head in the right place to maximize your training and trialing! Learn how to use the 10 Steps and the Magic Formula for reducing anxiety, handling stress, getting focused, building resilience and increasing mental toughness so you can train and compete at your BEST.

Do you ever feel nervous about training or trialing? Does anxiety grip you when you think about stepping into the ring? Do you struggle to overcome mistakes or worry about failing? Do you obsess about what others think? Does your anxiety prevent you from executing on course? Do you ever feel paralyzed about moving forward in your training?

This course will help you in both everyday life and as you prepare for events. You can literally rewire your brain to become more confident, get rid of anxiety, achieve your goals and enjoy every moment of your time in the ring!

You’ll learn how to incorporate the 10 Steps and Magic Formula into your routines and as well as daily life! This program is applicable to any and all dog sports.

This class features:

  • Downloadable written discussions for each Step and for the Magic Formula

Additional Course Details

  • Faculty:
    • Tracy Sklenar
  • Dates:
    • Classroom Opens: June 1st
    • Course material access never expires.
  • Level:
    • Open to All
  • Course Structure:
    • This class contains 10 Units (each containing one of the 10 Steps) and a Unit featuring the Magic Formula. Each Unit has in-depth discussions and downloadable PDFs.
  • Equipment needed:
    • None
  • Space required:
    • None

Course Information

Estimated Time: Independent Study: Lifetime Access

Difficulty: Open to All


Course Instructor

Tracy Sklenar Tracy Sklenar Instructor
  • Enrollment in this course closed on 04/27/2023.

Welcome and Overview!

Step 1: Acceptance And Letting Go

Step 2: Changing Your Self-Talk

Step 3: Practice Mindfulness To Reduce Anxiety And Stress While Sharpening Focus

Step 4: Practice Recovery

Step 5: Purposeful Practice And Visualization (Part 1)

Step 6: Purposeful Practice And Goal Setting

Step 7: Visualization And The Crystal Ball

Step 8: Hack Your (Happy) Brain

Step 9: Flip The Switch: Visualization (Part 2), Anxiety and Nerves

Step 10: Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan!

The Magic Formula