[AU-050] Two Week Techniques: Course Trends Skills, Drills, and Sequences!

The Two Week Techniques format is BACK! This time, we are going LIVE! This hybrid class begins with a LIVE Online Seminar featuring LIVE working opportunities, followed by 2 weeks to work on the seminar sequences and bonus sequences in a traditional online class format!

Get ready for the future of agility! We will explore the current, evolving course design trends we are seeing on course: how to train them, how to handle them, and to ‘see’ them on course and how to handle them in sequence.

Using 6 jumps and a tunnel, we will be focusing on the skills needed to handle common trends found in today’s course work! This course is perfect for CAMP alumni, MaxPup Putting It Together grads, and anyone who wants to fine tune their handling with competition-level (or getting ready for competition) dogs. The sequences will cover a variety of levels and challenges!

Register for a working or auditing spot in the classroom (see below), and use this form if you would like to add on a working spot in the October 29 LIVE seminar:

The LIVE seminar setting will allow for super personalized instruction and skill building, based on the needs of the participating teams in both the live session and the classroom follow up. The live session allows for in-the-moment feedback and discussion, with follow up and additional sequences in the classroom! We will be covering the connection, timing, commitment and independence skills needed for today’s common challenges, using a series of sequences designed to build handling skills and teamwork with your dog!

Additional Course Details

  • Faculty:
    • Tracy Sklenar
  • Dates:
    • Course starts on Saturday, October 29, 2022, beginning at 11am Eastern.
    • Registration closes for working spots on Sunday, October 30, 2022.
    • Course material access never expires.
  • Length:
    • Course Length: Live seminar: 3.5 hours with lifetime access to the recording
    • Online Class Forum: 2 weeks of live interaction, followed by lifetime access to the recording, downloadable materials, and forum feedback and discussion
  • Level:
    • Open to dogs who are competing or getting ready to compete, and sequencing jumps and tunnels.
  • Course Structure:
    • We begin with a Live Online Seminar on Saturday, October 29th with demos, discussions, and live working opportunities for feedback
    • After the seminar, we move to the traditional online format where working participants can post videos of the seminar sequences and bonus sequences for feedback. Auditors are welcome to ask questions in both the LIVE seminar and the class forum! You will get:
      • Live discussions and instructions for working teams during the LIVE seminar
      • Two weeks for working participants to post videos for feedback
      • Downloadable course maps and written instructions for sequences
      • Video explanations and video demos
      • Lifetime access to the recording of the seminar
      • Lifetime access to all materials and the class forum
  • Equipment needed (working participants only):
    • 6 jumps and a tunnel. 50×50 space minimum. Live participants must have access to Zoom.
  • Space required (working participants only):
    • A minimum of 50×50 is required, and sequences can be set larger areas as well
  • Types of participation:
    • Online classroom working spot: $135.00 (auditing the live seminar as well as video submissions for feedback in the class forum)
    • Online classroom auditing: $75.00 (includes auditing the live seminar as well as auditing the class forum)
    • LIVE working spot add on: $75 (For participants who are already registered for the class, use this link to add a working spot in the LIVE seminar to your working or auditing spot in the online classroom) – https://forms.gle/sn2J7jZPRyS8r8iH8
      • Limit: 6 per live session. Additional sessions can be added if there is enough interest.

Course Information

Estimated Time: Live seminar: 3.5 hours

Difficulty: Open to All

Course Instructor

Tracy Sklenar Tracy Sklenar Instructor
  • Enrollment in this course closed on 10/30/2022.