[AU-030] MaxPup Obstacle Skills Series: Weaves!

Teach your dog fast, independent weave performance, from start to finish! You can use channels, 2x2s or both to train amazing weave understanding and execution.

It is time to teach your dog how to weave! This class will take your dog from the very beginning, all the way to 12 poles. We will be covering:

  • Independent Entries And Exits
  • Striding
  • Staying In
  • Crosses Before And After
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Bonus LIVE Q&A and Problem Solving Sessions!
  • And A Bit Of Proofing!

Additional Course Details

  • Faculty:
    • Tracy Sklenar
  • Dates:
    • Independent Study Registration starts on September 9, 2021 and is open-ended
    • Course originally ran live starting on March 8, 2021.
    • Course material access never expires.
  • Level:
    • Open to All
  • Course Structure:
    • 5 Games Packages over 10 weeks of class
  • Equipment needed (working participants only):
    • Access to weaves (2×2 or channels or both) is required.
  • Space required (working participants only):
    • Access to weaves (2×2 or channels or both) is required. Minimum 10×10 space to start and then 30×30 minimum by week 4.

Course Information

Estimated Time: Independent Study: Lifetime Access

Difficulty: Open to All

Course Instructor

Tracy Sklenar Tracy Sklenar Instructor

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Independent Study students can view and read all videos/assignments/posts from instructor and working students, but student will not be able to communicate with the instructor in the Forum.

Introduction and User Guides

2x2s Track

Channels Track

Find ‘Em Track: 2x2s

Find ‘Em Track: Channels